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Win a DVD Box Set of the 2011 National Sheepdog Finals

And now for something completely different, we’re going to try a blog giveaway to promote the Finals web cast. This giveaway was inspired by a similar one implement by Jenna Woginrich at her always-entertaining Cold Antler Farm blog. Jenna is a NEBCA member and owner of a young border collie sired by last year’s Finals winner Riggs. She’s training him to be a sheepdog, and I’m sure they’ll be a successful team soon!

And now, to the meat of the post. We’re giving away two complete DVD box sets of this year’s Finals–that includes every Open run, the preliminary rounds through the double-lift Finals. Everyone can enter a total of four times, by doing four different things to promote the web cast. Here’s how it will work:

* Leave a comment to this blog post saying what you’re most looking forward to seeing in the web cast–that will be Entry #1

* Post a link to this instructional video explaining how to sign up for the streaming video to your Facebook wall (some of you have done this already–you don’t need to do it again) and come back and leave a comment telling me how many friends you have that will see it. That will be Entry #2.

* Write a short entry on your own blog linking to the instructional video and come back and leave a comment with a link to that blog entry. That will be Entry #3.

* Print out this poster and hang it up somewhere in your community (a vet’s office, feed store, etc.), and then come back and leave a comment telling me where you hung it. That will be Entry #4.

Not everyone will be able to enter four times, since not everyone has a blog or a Facebook page, but I wanted to give you all the options to throw your hats into the ring multiple times. The contest will run up until the end of the Finals. At that time. I’ll generate two random numbers from 1 to the number of comments we’ve gotten, and the two numbers corresponding to the comment numbers will win a DVD box set.

Good luck, everyone!

Comments (112)

112 Responses to Win a DVD Box Set of the 2011 National Sheepdog Finals

  1. Kathy says:

    I am looking forward to watch everyone’s runs to see how my friends do at the finals and to see which runs make it thru to the semi-finals.

  2. Kathy says:

    I posted the link to my Facebook and I have 447 friends who will see it.

  3. Victoria says:

    Just saw this link in NEBCA handlers tent on FB. Will be sending along link.

  4. Alise Dart says:

    Wishing everyone the best of luck at the Finals!

  5. Zoé Coulombe says:

    I am looking forward to watch exciting runs, hope everybody will have fun.

  6. Zoé Coulombe says:

    I posted a link to the instructional video, 56 friends will see it!

  7. Amanda Winecoff says:

    My dogs and I are looking forward to eating popcorn and watching the double lift runs on Sunday. We all will be taking notes.

  8. I am looking forward to rooting on my trainers, mentors and watching the dogs that I’m so passionate about! Thanks for making this available…Already purchased my unlimited pass!

  9. Posted on my facebook where 157 of my friends will see it

  10. Sharon Woolman says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing runs from my friends as well as the traditional favorites to win the National Championship title.

  11. Sharon Woolman says:

    I posted the video so my 145 friends can see it!

  12. Barb says:

    With several friends in the event, I’m disappointed to miss the Nursery runs and hope they can expand the coverage to include both fields, or all events, next year.

  13. Diana Antlitz says:

    What I’m most looking forward to in the webcast/DVD is watching how the pros handle the course. Also seeing so may of these great dogs in action that I only know by name and have never seen.

  14. Diana Antlitz says:

    I put the link on my facebook account where 109 friends will see it.

  15. Leesa says:

    I’m looking forward to the whole thing! I love watching the dogs while they compete as well as when they’re just relaxing. Border Collies are incredible dogs, are so different from any other breed. I just can’t get enough of them :-)

  16. Pat Mackey says:

    I’m really looking forward to watching the “big hats” and “want-a-bes” on the webcast. It’ll be the next best thing to being there in person and I think I can learn a lot by watching.

  17. T Yamamoto says:

    I am really looking forward to the finals because I learn so much by watching the teams! And I need help!

  18. T Yamamoto says:

    Here is link to my blog. Hope I Win!

  19. T Yamamoto says:

    Ok I hung poster in Wolftown’s headquarters and it will go with us to the market on Sat!

  20. Lindy Epperly says:

    Looking forward to seeing all the great dogs, but especially those from my home state of Idaho.

  21. Janice Winsor says:

    I posted your link on my facebook page. I have 80 friends.

  22. Jane Albin says:

    Loved the video of the Bluegrass and I am sure I will enjoy the video’s of the finals.

  23. Dianne Rich says:

    I’m looking forward to learning from the videos. My herding teacher and I discuss the different runs, and I learn something new to try every time!

  24. I am looking forward to seeing what the field and the sheep are like this year and how the handlers and dogs will work. We have our friends and favorites but Good Luck to everyone.

  25. Katelyn Shirley says:

    I am looking forward to seeing all of the different runs of the competition and how everyone does.

    I also posted the link on my FB page. I have 171 friends that will see it. :)

  26. Nancy says:

    I posted it at the local convenience store, my school, my grocery store and post office.

  27. Posted on FB and have 143 friends.

  28. Nancy says:

    My husband and I have already signed up for the whole package and can’t wait to see the semi finals and finals live. I do hope they have enough of a connection to Twitter about the preliminary runs. #2

  29. Katelyn Shirley says:

    I just hung the poster in the window of my local Post Office. Some people in Wamego, KS should be tuning in!

  30. Susannah says:

    I posted the video on my facebook page. 476 friends will see it!

  31. Susannah says:

    My husband and I attended the finals last year (in our backyard!) and had a wonderful time! Since it’s not in virginia this year we are looking forward to watching online and seeing some great border collies run!

  32. Sharon Garland says:

    I posted the video on Facebook and over 150 friends will see it-

  33. Sharon Garland says:

    I printed out the psoter and put it up at the Vet hospital where I work and another one in the building where I teach dog classes.

  34. Sharon Garland says:

    I am looking forward to Saturday’s runs. We get together to herd on Sunday mornings- last year we critiquing the runs as if our dogs were at that level- lol- looking forward to the same this year- our dogs are still not running any where near that level. We are great armchair critics.

  35. Jean Singer says:

    Looking forward to leaving my video camera at home and watching in person and not through the camera.

  36. Tammy Gosnell says:

    I can’t wait to watch this years broadcast on my web enabled TV! I will be able to watch all the talented dogs and handlers, and they won’t look like ants!!

  37. Ed Hastings says:

    Can’t wait to watch, just wish I could be there.

  38. Darlene Hastings says:

    I am looking forward to watching all the top dogs and handlers. When it all comes together in a great run it is poetry in motion.

  39. Darlene Hastings says:

    I have 101 facebook friends that I have shared the link with.

  40. Sandi Andersen says:

    I am looking forward to watching the finals, good luck!

  41. Sandi Andersen says:

    I have 145 friends that I have shared the link with.

  42. Laura Carson says:

    I’m looking forward to living vicariously through everyone at the finals! Can’t wait to see not only friends but everyone run their dogs. Exciting times indeed.

  43. Dorothy Dunlap says:

    Can’t wait to see it ,, I Have posted the Instructional Video top my Facebook Page and 227 of my friends will see it :) Yay…Wish I was there !

  44. Dorothy Dunlap says:

    Printed up 3 Posters and I am placing them in 2 Vets offices and at the feed store :)The More The Merrier

  45. Lynn Bower says:

    I like to watch to see the handlers I know and to learn from all of them!

  46. Lynn Bower says:

    Posted on FB and I have 103 friends that can see it!

  47. Lamson Sheep says:

    I am looking forward to seeing how my favorite dogs and handlers perform. I am also looking forward to seeing how the eastern dogs handle the western range ewes.

  48. Lamson Sheep says:

    Posted a link to Facebook, I have 120 friends.

  49. betty belliveau says:

    I posted to my FB account and have 228 friends.

    I am looking forward to seeing my friend Maria Amodai and Fina run and all the dogs really :< )

  50. Zoé Coulombe says:

    I work in a hospital, I hanged the poster at cafeteria. Good luck to everybody!

  51. Chani Atrieadies says:

    I would love to watch the webcast but I can’t for more than one reason. I love watching these dogs work and would love a DVD set of these finals. I am not the only one that would be watching them. My son in-law wants to get into raising sheep and we have turned him onto the Border Collie of which I have raised and trained. I use them for therapy and have had them in the back country when I pack. So these discs would be such a great educational tool for all of us. Good Luck everyone :)

  52. Chani Atrieadies says:

    I have printed off the poster and have hung it up in our public training facility.

  53. Chani Atrieadies says:

    I have posted the link to my FB page of the instructional video.

  54. Chani Atrieadies says:

    Does it count if I have forwarded the poster info to my puppy owners? if so :)

  55. Vicki Romero says:

    Love watching the amazing teams, they make it look so easy!

  56. Kirk McGee says:

    Unfortunately with my lack of high speed internet, I will be unable to watch online. I’ll be keeping up on the handler’s blogs, which are always informative and entertaining. They paint the pictures almost as well as seeing the runs. Go Canadian Dogs!!

  57. Deborah Olney says:

    I am looking forward to seeing dogs I know

  58. Deborah Olney says:

    I posted on my FB

  59. Laura Carson says:

    I shared this on Facebook with my 436 friends.

  60. Monique says:

    I look forward to watching old friends and new ones, as well as watching my new pup’s sire Don run!

  61. Monique says:

    I posted this last week on my Facebook so my 280 friends could watch!

  62. Monique says:

    I posted the link on my blog at so others have a chance to win as well!

  63. Diane Pagel says:

    I am looking forward to seeing good handlers, good dogs, and a good time to be had by all……

  64. Diane Pagel says:

    Posted to facebook where 635 of my closest friends will read it

  65. Diane Pagel says:

    Printed out the poster and hung it up at work…..akso will hang up at the local feed stores!

  66. Jolene Roudebush says:

    I post the video on my FaceBook page; I have 913 friends who will see this.

  67. Jolene Roudebush says:

    I’m looking forward to watching the dog and handler teams.

  68. Kelly says:

    Can’t wait to see all the amazing connections between dogs and handlers at finals this year.

  69. Donna J. Rock says:

    My first and only Border Collie is 4 years old now. We have been dabbling in herding for several years and I absolutely love it. I watched the webcast a year ago and was glued to my computer monitor for the duration. I am fascinated with the International Shed. It truly is a dance between the handler, the dog and the sheep. This past spring I drove 700+ miles, one way to attend the Bluegrass Stockdog Trial in Lexington, KY.

    I cannot wait until this weekend where again, I will be glued to my computer monitor for two solid days! Oh, and Saturday is my Birthday! A Box set of DVD’s would make a great Birthday gift, don’t ya think? :)

    Donna Rock

  70. Donna J. Rock says:

    Entry # 2. The link has been posted to my Facebook page for all 538 friends to see!

  71. Louise says:

    LOVED the Webcast last year ….almost as good as being there! Looking forward to this year’s!

  72. Louise says:

    I have posted the link to my FB page where a very select group (58) of my horse/dog friends to see!

  73. Lamson Sheep says:

    I don’t have a blog but my wife does. There is a link to the instructions in this post.

  74. Kirk McGee says:

    Posted the link to my facebook page for 224 friends to see….wow, that was tough to type with a 9 1/2 week old BC pup gnawing on my arm!! lol

  75. Rachel Simpson says:

    I’m looking forward to watching and learning from the “big hats” and their incredible dogs. So awesome to watch these dogs in action!

  76. Rachel Simpson says:

    Posted the link on my FB page. Have 121 friends.

  77. Jamie Spring says:

    I am looking forward to watching my mentor Patrick and his great Riggs defend their title. I am also looking forward to seeing new dogs and a great competition all around!

  78. Jamie Spring says:

    I posted to facebook and have 310 friends that will see it. =)

  79. trey hunter says:

    thanks for the opportunity to watch the runs…my family and I are living on one salary and couldn’t afford to watch all the runs…fingers crossed

  80. Susan Lindstedt says:

    because I cant be there in person!

  81. Susan Lindstedt says:

    My Facebook friends are already hovering around the instructional video I linked to.

    The poster looks good in the U of I Caine Veterinary Teaching Center lunch room.

  82. Tierney Graham says:

    Getting to watch my friends run and the double lift final.Wish they could do it for Nursery too.

  83. Tierney Graham says:

    I have also posted the intructional video to my facebook and have 395 friends who can see it :-)

  84. Tierney Graham says:

    I have Also printed out 3 fliers and posted at Petsmart, local dog park, and my feed store.

  85. I am looking forward to seeing the amazing runs, from both handlers I know, and those I have only heard about. I also posted the link facebook:)

  86. Robin says:

    I’m looking forward to watching the runs and hearing the handlers’ whistles and commands. Watching the trials this way has been great. Excellent innovation!

  87. Robin says:

    And it’s posted to by FB page where I have 320 friends

  88. Pat Mackey says:

    I posted the link of the instructional video to my Facebook page. I have 49 friends on Facebook.

  89. Heidi says:

    Traveling to Colorado is not in the cards for me right now, but having the chance to watch some of the runs on streaming video and, MAYBE, on the DVDs is a great chance to watch some of the best border collies in the country.

  90. Janet Gauntt says:

    Sadly I won’t be able to watch more than an hour or two live this weekend (I’m secretarying an agility trial), but am glad to hear about the boxed set. I really did enjoy last year’s webcast. I look forward to seeing the very different styles again that the handlers and dogs employ.

  91. Janet Gauntt says:

    Oh and I posted the link to the instructional video on my Facebook on Tuesday (before I even knew about the DVD drawing:). I have 361 friends.

  92. I posted the flyer at Mud Bay in Kent, WA. They were very happy to have it :)

  93. Jolene Roudebush says:

    I posted the flyer on bulletin boards(3) at work. General Motors Flint Tool & Die.

  94. Jamie Spring says:

    The poster caught a lot of attention hanging at Faith Vet Service (my work) in Faith, SD! =)

  95. trey hunter says:

    posted to my facebook site…only 1 friend to see it.

  96. I am most looking forward to seeing the final double lift runs, as well as all the qualifying runs. I learn a lot from watching videos over and over.

  97. I hung the poster at our local co-op feed store. I’m hoping that it’ll generate more interest in herding in our area.

    • P.S. I had my husband print the posters and get them laminated, before I put them up.

    • 356 friends on my facebook page will see this:
      Terri Nicolau
      The 2011 SUPERBOWL of Herding and you can watch it free for 1 hour thanks to SERTA!! Boone and Gill, two of my dogs, father Riggs won the National Sheepdog Finals last year and came in first in the qualifying round this year! Saturday and Sunday – don’t miss out!!

  98. Kirk McGee says:

    One poster printed and hung at the local feed store!!

  99. Steve Stennett says:

    I like the Nursery Trials the best! :)

  100. Steve Stennett says:

    Just put the word out to all my broadcast contacts on LinkedIn:

  101. Mara says:

    I’d love, love, love to be watching the finals this weekend. But I’m stuck on dial-up internet and can only dream for now and read updates as they’re available – sigh. But it would be way cool to win the DVDs so I could see all the action I missed!

  102. Mara says:

    And I posted a link on Facebook so my 121 friends can see it!

  103. jean singleton says:

    I would love to see the handlers I admire so much. In 2008 I went to the world finals in wales to see the best in the world and a lot of the best are right here in the good old USA. I just got back from Idaho,and met Patrick Shannahan. I am the original herding groupie!

  104. JosephPaf says:

    gffo gx fedex

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