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Amanda: the semi-finals

The handlers have been comfortably accommodated in a wheat field with straw left that keeps down the dust. Water trucks move through the car park frequently. I first I thought it might be for the comfort of the hands camp, but it might have been for fire prevention. Once in a while a fire burning off stubble, rages behind the mountains surrounding us. It has been a festive gang with birthdays celebrated here and there, disappointments shared and triumphs celebrated.

I have been completely absorbed in the dog running, watching different dogs, matching up their pedigrees to the form before me, seeing what works and what doesn’t work so much. The first day there was only open to watch, but starting Wednesday, we have had a two ring circus with the Nursery coinciding with the open running. I had a lot of judging back and forth, but mostly stayed with the Nursery where my two dogs ran, WEdnesday, Thursday, and because they made it through, to the final, Friday.

The sheep have been mixed with preponderance of white faced sheep interspersed with conspicuous suffolk types. Imagine six hundred regular Kingston sheep being delivered with a hundred black faced ones mixed in and you will get the idea. Joni Swanke had a difficult draw today and as she put it, ” I didn’t picture it that way.” Plan B required.

Dorey had a nearly flawless run on Thursday. Feist, so young, ran really well on Wednesday. She ran even better on Friday to finish seventh or eighth, I am not sure which. Dorey took a grip at the pen, on one i did not see coming. I was proud of them both.

Roz ran well on Tuesday, assuring herself a spot in the semi finals. Monty lead the running in the qualifying with a 168. On form. Tonight his great great grandmother, Hazel, was honoured by the ABCA, inducted into their Hall of Fame. Bev Lambert did an outstanding job of explaining why, to their annual meeting. A line that stretched through successful Border Collies throughout North America. I try to honour Hazel with every step I take with the dogs. Tonight, my community did that in ways I cannot. I thank them. I thank her.


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