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BevLive: The Finals, Day Three

Big nursery day for Amanda and I since she had Dorey and Feist in the final and I had Joe. To make a long story short neither of us won but I think I speak for both of us when I say our dogs rocked.

The open went better with Hemp having a great run on really nice sheep marred only by a very poor pen. Amanda and Monty had a better pen to end the day first in the preliminary round. Hemp was 5th. We both got both our dogs into the semi-final and I’m delighted.

The course has been turned so we are now outrunning all the way up into what had been the nursery field. Looks scary and fun.

The semi-finals field

Amanda’s Hazel was inducted into the ABCA Hall of Fame tonight so I went for the ceremony. Very nice recognition of a great dog.

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