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BevLive: the semi-finals

It’s 6:30 at night and the trial committee is out setting the course for the final. Believe it or not Joe has ended up his educational trip with the third highest score in the semi-final and a place in tomorrow’s running.

The sheep were really good all day. There were the odd free thinkers but mostly they responded kindly to careful handling. Several dogs had trouble with the tricky outrun, more had trouble with the shedding. The finishing seemed harder in the afternoon when the weather was hot and the dogs were stressed by the big field.

The end of the day saw the running improve some what. Scott Glen managed two very strong runs for first and second. My Hemp did his best but a poor finish took us out of it along with Amanda and Monty and many others.

So I’m hoping that Joe can manage a better turn back than he did at Soldier Hollow. This is much more difficult than that trial but he’s a month older and much wiser. Anything is possible.

The double-lift field

The left outrun

The right outrun

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