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Amanda: mopping up

The course for the finals was big. The first gather took dogs in the direction of the preliminary running with a couple of extra hundred yards tacked on and a confusing irrigation hedgerow separating the fields, mowed, but nevertheless, a visual barrier. A trick. Most dogs got it right with a few exceptions. The fetches were long and demanding to the gates with a go back that proved the undoing of all dogs sare Patricia’s Cap. The salvation of her championship.

There was some frost the morning of the final. Imagine going from there to 86 in one day. As the day wore on, and the heat intensified, the second gather escaped every competitor. Some went back well, only to be drawn in by the white hubs on some irrigation wheels, which were brightened by the afternoon sun, beaming down upon them from the west. Scot Glen’s Don stopped to lift them (the hubs) and then carried on in an impossible track across the rough ground that separated the arms of the alfalfa fields, hosting the gathers. The hearing was compromised with the full on heat of the afternoon, with many dogs who could be redirected back, having no second fetch worth talking about in charitable terms.

Bev and Joe had a good if nervous first gather with five minutes spent sending him back, and reorganizing the first sheep to launch Joe on the go back. He eventually got them and had a good drive to be called for a grip in the shedding ring. She had to go for it. Think of Bev on upper drugs and there you have her after her run.

Roz had everything going pretty well until she too, was stymied by the second outrun. She spent a ridiculous spell of time frozen below a knoll that obscured the second sheep. They were nestled nicely in a slight swale that kept them out of sight of the outrunning dog and with the hearing not so handy in the heat, very difficult. At least I found it so. A toxic blend of circumstances. She finally brought them but without enough time to finish the shed. Two or three more.

It was a day full of good byes. With ciaos to all the friends with whom I had spent much of the previous month, Au revoir to the new friends. “What a pleasure to have met you.” Packing up my camper for the road. Congratulating competitors. “Until the next time.” sort of a scene.


The Mississippi was more rewarding than usual. We pulled off at Le Claire and went right down to the water. The river was low and lazy. Michael Gallagher jettisoned his sandals and stepped right into the river of lore. To the focus of all water from just west of Rawlins Wyoming, where we crossed the continental divide. He stepped into Johnny Cash singing Big River. He stepped into Mark Twain. He stepped into Comte de Lasalle. The sun was shining down on us and the dogs. It was dazzling. A treasure moment.

Michael Gallagher in Mississippi

The road was long. I am home now. The dahlias have bolted in gratitude for the rain. I have a bunch of tomatoes and basil from my own garden, with which to make Panzanella. Ma and I are drinking the same wine they will serve at Haley and Blair Hunewill’s wedding party and we are drinking a toast to them. Mother is looking at the pictures of the lion hunt, the Sierra’s ride, fascinated, It’s nice here. Sheep look good. Back to work tomorrow.

Home sweet home!

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  1. Lakisha says:

    Un Final Fantasy XIII-3 me en­aÃtarnca, por que es mi FF favorito (y sí, he jugado a los demas FF) pero lo del mundo congelado durante la eternidad no lo entiendo muy bien. ¿A que se refiere, a los hechos del XIII o a los del XIII-2?

  2. Exactly. That's no tomboy. She could be a Chaz – but it could also be a phase, or she could just be her own alternative thing. So glad you swung by the blog, Hillary! Thanks for reading (and better yet, commenting. I am a slut for comments).

  3. http://www./ says:

    Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend figuring this one out!

  4. http://www./ says:

    For en kjempelekker uteplass! Skulle gjerne hatt tak over en av mine uteplasser ogsÃ¥. Regn er vel en garanti her pÃ¥ Helgeland, – men det kan jo likevel være grei temperatur, og da hadde et tak vært greit.Kos det utendørs i sommer.Klem:)

  5. http://www./ says:

    ion spune:Cu alte cuvinte incurajati deschis homofobia?Nici nu stiu la ce sa ma mai astept. Dar de ce nu ar avea voie "homosexualii" in scoli? Ar trebui sa-i interzicem pe Socrate, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Wolf (lesibana), Byron si Erasmus? Sau n-ar mai trebui sa citim Dorian Gray, doar fiindca personajul principal e gay? 

  6. http://www./ says:

    winter the same is not warm. Related articles: RX-8 LOWER CONTROL ARM BUSHINGS – New Parts List of Open Source PHP MySQL Based Blogging Softwares VirtualBox????? – Yongbin's

  7. http://www./ says:

    Yes Timmy we arent in your head, we dont know how you feel. However, we do know how the other guys who play in Europe feel when they show up to play for the USA. They obviously feel strongly enough about representing us that they are willing to suck it up when it comes to the travel. Actions speak louder than your words, which I no longer wish to hear.If Klinsmann calls him again I will be so annoyed. If they have any thoughts about letting other players do the dirty work in CONCACAF qualifying and then calling in Timmy for the WC (if we manage to qualify) I will be more than annoyed.

  8. http://www./ says:

    Hej! Har läst din blogg länge men aldrig kommenterat. Vilken fantastiskt inspirerande blogg du skriver! Vi står i startgroparna att köpa ett hus med fiskbensparkett och jag undrar om ni har behandlat eran på nåt sätt så den blivit lite vitare? Vitvaxat/laserat? Var det svårt? Dyrt? Väldigt tacksam för svar!

  9. A good many valuables you’ve given me.

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