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Sue: Day Eight

Well. I hardly know where to start.

Ok. How about with me.

Peat was second. I will never have such a cool run again. And even if i do. I don’t care.

Long complicated outrun uphill 500-60 yards over broken terrain bogs ditches. Dogs were not making the outruns. A dog sent left jumped the fence crossed the road and gathered the sheep in the guys front paddock. Amazing stuff.

My dogs did a nice job. Flo got out to the sheep with a redirect and was bringing them down the complicated steep slope when I blew the wrong whistle. Lost them in a gully she came out with three. The other ran back up to the set out. My mistake. But she knew where the sheep were. Had a plan to get them and accepted my help and commands very far from home.

Very cool for Flo. Too bad I’m such a dope.

Peat was great. Nailed the outrun, listened on the fetch, did the drive pen and shed ably. It was a run that flowed. Second to last in sunshine. What a cool moment.

I have fought with Peat on many occasions. I hope this lasts. Relaxing and trusting each other feels so much better.


Nice day all around. The course was as fantastic to watch as to run on. The dogs all tried their best and ably to work on the difficult terrain. The blackies (mostly) Had to be coaxed down the hill and through the fetch gates. Some groups split and there were masterful jobs fixing splits, getting dogs to the sheep throughout the day.

The sun shone most of the day and it brought everyone out of their cars and on onto chairs set up in front of the usual line of cars.

Today we knew most of the handlers and their dogs and could study the running order (took a pic with my Iphone to be able to consult it throughout the day) to identify anyone who we were unsure of.


Again each trial is welcoming and special. A food concession was run by the locals and a raffle was offered with prizes awarded at the end of the day.

We took a trip into Stornoway to visit the vet for our fit-to-fly certificates to go home Monday. Dr Hector Lowe saw us and thoroughly examined the dogs. He got on the floor with them. And they mobbed him. What a charming delightful guy. It was fun to visit his office. He gave me a tour and we compared notes a bit. He has lurchers and hunts rabbits with the lurchers and … ferrets!!!! How cool is that? What a great guy.

We also spent a little tourist money downtown. First chance to shop the entire trip. We spent a long time in the Harris Tweed shop. I bought a warm sweater to ensure sunshine the rest of our trip. I will break it out for the fall trials in october.

We returned to our hotel for dinner and joined Carol Mellin from the Pennines and her friend Colin. She runs 1000 sheep on the moors and has been running dogs for about 20 years. She was in the prizes as was Bev with nan so we were a happy group. The restaurant adjoins the pub and the innkeeper was there tonight. The waitresses seem like old friends since we’ve been there three nights. Everyone knew about the trial.

I will never forget this day.

All’s well at home. Nice to touch base with everyone by text every night. Allows me a rare opportunity to relax and enjoy myself away from home.

Tomorrow we are off to a trial at Staffin on Isle of Skye. We catch a ferry at 7:15. Our last ferry ride.

We will meet up with the trialing crew on the boat tomorrow morning. It is promised to be a spectacular large hill course organized by a very dedicated local community.


Not one of these trials has been any kind of let down no matter how my dogs have run nor despite the weather.

Today was spectacular but I am eager for what tomorrow has in store.

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3 Responses to Sue: Day Eight

  1. Claire says:

    Having such fun reading your posts and while I don’t understand the trial lingo it is great writing, so glad you are having such a good time.

  2. cindy says:

    can’t you stay for a little while longer

  3. Mary Lott says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time… I’ve lurked at trials here in the NW, scribed, moved sheep, for just long enough to know the lingo as somebody else has stated and theunderstand the wins and losses in dog partnership, or not as the day brings on. Your blog has been wonderful…better still…I know some of that country well and while I never will run a dog there I know the craters, some of the views, the terrain, the reeds and tumbles… I am taking great joy in your posts….an admiring hobby herder..

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