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Sue: Hebrides, Day Four

Where are we now?

Up early to take hedgehog pictures (they snuffle when you point a flash in their face to get cute photos, which I cant seem to upload,
And tuck in a heap so even peat loses interest).

Hedgehogs can move!!! We encountered the one from the garden 200 yards down the hill and by the time I’d closed the garden gate she/he was under our car.

Protected they are. So don’t harass a hedgehog, you paparazzi!!

We has a lovely drive to Uist where the ferry left at 9:40 for Lochmoddy on North Uist

We tried to book an evening passage, as no shopping on sundays on Uist. Blue law kind of place, but no luck. Waiting in line we met another cute trio of guys off for a fishing tippling jaunt on North Uist

We played the six degrees of separation game and one guy knew Andrew Carnegie.

They were a hoot. Their windshield wipers broke in a downpour and they were able to rig the wipers with fishing line. One guy on each side of the car pulling in sync with the other. I loved them. Also when they found out I would tipple we were immediately offered homemade sloe gin from a handy little flask. These scots are so resourceful.

We toured North Uist today. Walked on a huge mud flat, saw the signs for standing stones and stone circles and walked through a peat bog. This is a sparse rugged island dotted with tiny lochs and peat bogs. A few thousand foot peaks and some high rocky pasture land on the northwest coast. A fine sunny day to sightsee and make the dogs happy on many walks.

9:30 at night still plenty light out.

This the view from my seat outside the lochmoddy hotel.


And tomorrow to Berneray to our second trial of the circuit

Btw. I did most of the driving today. Bev seemed to volunteer to sit in the passenger seat. Once again i did awesome. Driving on the left is not rocket science. You just have to get the timing if single track roads passing places and on coming cars. No doubt Bev let me drive to enjoy my failings. Anything i can do to make her happy. She is a lot of fun to travel with. Witty observant knowledgable about the history of UK/American relations.

It was also a lot of fun to watch her handle the tricky course and sheep yesterday. Nan crossed and Joe did not shed first off but her skill was evident throughout her runs.

Weather may turn wet tomorrow. But we’ll hope for the best.

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