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Sue: Hebrides, Day Three

I love this already. Good long sleep, brought my own coffee, another trip to the loch to try out the cute little camera that Amanda lent me.

Sheep everywhere. Scotties with lambs and what seem to be North Country Texel crosses.

After a delicious vegetarian breakfast at our b and b we headed for Waternish and the trial. Not knowing either time or exact location did not matter. We kept driving till we found it, and after awhile people showed up and the trial started.

We knew Arthur Mawhinney and Jim and Shirley Cropper.

The field was gorgeous. Right on the loch. Weather cool and overcast with rain to come in the pm.

We cowered in the car long enough to avoid running first but drew up 6 & 7 with Joe and Flo (our choice of first dogs).

A lot of dogs did not find their sheep, Flo included. Her outrun was not what i might have hoped for and though she took all my stops and redirects it was not a success.

Sigh. Should i have brought Rue? Too late.

Bev however had a good go with joe and her ears perked up at the thought of her score

The sheep are feisty little Cheviots. Not lambs but they have an inclination to drop about every fifth or sixth run.

Afternoon report.

An education it has been.

Today both dogs crashed. Peat said I want right. And i overrode him. He uncharacteristically tried to cross–did not, but had a heavy lift and shall we say a strong fetch. Tight turn round the post, lovely straight soft driveaway and looking like a very neat turn onto the crossdrive. Sheep split, stalled, faced him and he gripped off.

Bummer. Especially when Bev has tallied how much each run costs if you add up the cost if the trip and divided it by the number of runs.

Now that is no fun. At least not today. But I really learned a lot today.

Also ended the day with a Guinesss on draft and a lobster dinner at a pub with Jim and Shirley cropper and some friends of theirs from England and Scotland, Rhubarb crumble and custard to boot.

And i saw two hedgehogs tonight. Another reason to live here. I love hedgehogs.

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12 Responses to Sue: Hebrides, Day Three

  1. Joss Harris Hoch says:

    You’re living my dream! I raise Scottie’s in Big Sur, California where we use them to graze for weed abatement and fire control. I love your descriptive summary of the day’s activities right down to the Guinness; keep them coming!
    Joss Harris Hoch

  2. Julie Williams says:

    Hmm, a friend of mine over there says of the sheep.. “a bit wild” they can be..

    Have a great time!!!

    • Bert says:

      Elände med magsjuka men det verkar som det gick över snabbt för dig.Jo, nu har frostnätterna kommit och dagarna har varit vackra men tydligen är det annat väder på gång.Lycka till på bentgininkes!Kram Eva

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    • http://www./ says:

      I’d venture that this article has saved me more time than any other.

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  3. Sheila Cormack says:

    Hey ladies, welcome to Scotland. I do hope you enjoy your trip. Will and I went on the Island trip last year(not that you would know it if you read the results)!!We really enjoyed the trip, met lots of nice folk, ate some great food and had some wonderful B&Bs. Looking forward to keeping up with your posts. are you staying for the world trials?

  4. Amanda Milliken says:

    go girls. I am rooting for you. you are my home team!!!

  5. Claire says:

    Sounds like all is going great — glad I came across this via FB. Have a blast! PS. I’d visit you in Scotland probably more often than I would at the Cape – traffic’s easier :-)

  6. Bob Stephens says:

    Say hi to Jim Lamont and John McDermott for me. They are both from Skye. Have a great time and enjoy the sheep. Bob Stephens

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