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BevLive: going home

Last of my blog. Most of our party had a successful day, myself, not so much.

Ran early and Joe wasn’t so good. Oh well, another trial down the road. Mich, Barbara and Amanda all had a good day, getting through to the final.

The sheep were good, not running too much although there was some fighting, especially with poor Stella’s run. She was a star, handling a very aggressive ewe with real aplomb and more than earning her big score.

Barb and Stella

Barb and Stella

Barb and Stella shedding

Barb and Stella shedding

Another trip drawing to a close for me nothing left now but a long drive home. Thanks for reading this blog.

Handlers dinner

Handlers dinner

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2 Responses to BevLive: going home

  1. district 7 fan says:

    Safe travels home and thanks again for your narrative.

  2. SDell says:

    Thanks Bev.

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