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BevLive: Meeker, Day 1

First day of running was tough. The sheep were happy to run in just about any direction. Some dogs struggled with the outrun, but mostly it was difficult sheep that destroyed hopes.

It took about a 60 to make the top eight cut for automatic inclusion in the semifinal. Shauna Gourley set an early high bar with an 80 that wasn’t met all day. Terry Warner got a 77 midday and at the end of the day Ron Burkey and his nursery dog, Rocky, scored a 74.

I had no luck with Nan, running a dismal 50. We missed every obstacle in a spectacular show of incompetence on both our parts. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day, I hope.

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2 Responses to BevLive: Meeker, Day 1

  1. Martha Walke says:

    Well, I don’t often respond, but I couldn’t resist after Heather’s comment. I hope you and your dogs are enjoying those sheep and that challenging course. Best of luck, Bev.

  2. cynthia Palmer says:

    We are reading Bev! go get those meeker sheep!

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