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BevLive: Belgian Open, Day 2

Things went a bit better for us today. I’m still missing second drive gates with alarming frequency but my dogs are performing better. Now I just need to step up a bit more.

Derek had a really good go on field 2 scoring 109. I haven’t broken 100 yet but I’ve hit a couple of second drive gates so I’m happy.

We’re running the end of this to a standard so they can try and finish by 5:00. They aren’t going to make it as I’m writing at 4:00 and this field at least has at least 15 runners to go. I know very few of them and so am never sure where we are in the order.

I think Derek and Scott are in contention for the double lift but the computation is incredibly complex and we won’t really know until they publish the results.

sheep at the Belgian Open

sheep at the Belgian Open

I’m leaving as soon as I run Nan to drive to my hotel at the World Trial venue. We don’t need to be there until tomorrow afternoon but I’d as soon get there now as drive it tomorrow.

World Trial hotel room

World Trial hotel room

outside the World Trial hotel

outside the World Trial hotel

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BevLive: the Finals begin

Sheep arriving in Carbondale

Sheep arriving in Carbondale

Very limited internet here. Mostly while I’m walking dogs I need to keep an eye out for magic spots of connectivity.

Yesterday was the day to arrive and get level. We’re all parked together, a bit away from the many many other campers, which is nice. Had the handler’s meeting and the compulsive drive-walking yesterday at 5:00. Then Kak and Mich had appetizers and pizza for us all. Really nice to be warm with friends as it got cold and windy and even spit some rain.

8:00 start with the Open today. Nursery starts tomorrow. I don’t run today so I’ll go cheer my friends on.

Early Colorado morning

Early Colorado morning

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Amanda: down day

Who knows why a day’s trialling is so exhausting, but it was.

Everyone was in the recuperation gear. The drive from Soldier Hollow was uneventful. A mangy coyote interrupted a vista. The cafe was right in Vernal. The dogs enjoyed their customary swim party at the Kenny Reservoir, which looked extra precious stone like, azure blue against the stark barren cliffs that form its edge. Meeker was bright and promising. Full of people wanting stories of Soldier Hollow, but looking forward to this field of dreams.

The black powder season has begun here for elk. Bonus for the dogs. They adore elk legs, which can be ours for the pick up at the processing centers. Happy dogs.

Away with the light blankets, in with the duvet. Near freezing at night, but hot in the afternoon.


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BevLive: the calm before the storm

This was what they used to call a “make and mend day” in the navy. We did nothing. Visited with friends, had a great lunch with friends. Sat around with friends. Nice to see friends.

Lovely dinner at Sundance about which I have nothing more to say. Running begins in the morning more news then.

Went with Amanda, Barbara Ray, he Haynes, and Brian Cash for dinner at the Sundance resort. Very fancy for a bunch of dog trialers

Went with Amanda, Barbara Ray, he Haynes, and Brian Cash for dinner at the Sundance resort. Very fancy for a bunch of dog trialers

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And the winners are . . .

Diana Antlitz (comment #13)

Darlene Hastings (comment #40)

Random numbers from 1 to 110 generated courtesy of Diana and Darlene, please email me at to claim your DVD box set. Congratulations, and thanks for playing, everyone. Hope you enjoyed watching the Finals this weekend!

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Win a DVD Box Set of the 2011 National Sheepdog Finals

And now for something completely different, we’re going to try a blog giveaway to promote the Finals web cast. This giveaway was inspired by a similar one implement by Jenna Woginrich at her always-entertaining Cold Antler Farm blog. Jenna is a NEBCA member and owner of a young border collie sired by last year’s Finals winner Riggs. She’s training him to be a sheepdog, and I’m sure they’ll be a successful team soon!

And now, to the meat of the post. We’re giving away two complete DVD box sets of this year’s Finals–that includes every Open run, the preliminary rounds through the double-lift Finals. Everyone can enter a total of four times, by doing four different things to promote the web cast. Here’s how it will work:

* Leave a comment to this blog post saying what you’re most looking forward to seeing in the web cast–that will be Entry #1

* Post a link to this instructional video explaining how to sign up for the streaming video to your Facebook wall (some of you have done this already–you don’t need to do it again) and come back and leave a comment telling me how many friends you have that will see it. That will be Entry #2.

* Write a short entry on your own blog linking to the instructional video and come back and leave a comment with a link to that blog entry. That will be Entry #3.

* Print out this poster and hang it up somewhere in your community (a vet’s office, feed store, etc.), and then come back and leave a comment telling me where you hung it. That will be Entry #4.

Not everyone will be able to enter four times, since not everyone has a blog or a Facebook page, but I wanted to give you all the options to throw your hats into the ring multiple times. The contest will run up until the end of the Finals. At that time. I’ll generate two random numbers from 1 to the number of comments we’ve gotten, and the two numbers corresponding to the comment numbers will win a DVD box set.

Good luck, everyone!

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Amanda: Pictures

Amanda’s albums:

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BevLive: L & M SDT, Day One

Another scorcher. We think it topped 100 degrees today. Sure felt it anyway.Not much wind, just hot and bright. We are on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation here. Turns out pieces of the reservation belong to non Indians to whom it's been sold over the years. Hence Mike and Laura Hicks' ranch in the middle of the reservation.

Glorious field. Must be 1500 yards long at least. We are standing at the highest point at one end and sending our dogs almost 700 yards over several hills for five sheep, two ewes and three lambs. Some of the old ewes were tough–they would just walk away from the group and ignore the dogs. The course was straightforward but because the ground on the right was so big and rough everyone sent left on the outrun.

L&M trial field

We started with open at 6:00 to try and run as many as we could ahead of the worst of the heatMy dogs went from bad to good. Mirk was marginal, flanking too wide and not pressing his sheep to my liking. Nel ran too big again and when I attempted to call her off the set out, where she ended up, she came back to me. No score, no biscuit. "Bad Dog!" Bud and Delta had a very good run toward the end when it was very hot scoring 90 and winning the trial. Hemp and I ran just after him and also had a good go. Hemp kept a lot of pressure on the sheep so there wasn't any splitting. He was a good boy and got second with a 85. Dennis Edwards was third with 81.

The ProNovice was a bit of a rerun of the open, with Bud winning and Mickey Welsh second. Mickey came from Oklahoma and Kay from Texas to escape the heat. Oops.

Meg ran like an express train and I left the post at the first drive gate to get after her. Too many trials in a row and no chance to school her. I have been letting her run stronger and stronger in order to hopefully win and she has finally gotten completely out of hand. The correction paid off as she was much more responsive in the nursery and had a very good run, beaten by Bud and Tine's even better go. I'm very pleased that she is lifting her sheep very calmly with plenty of authority. We get into trouble when she doesn't think they are moving fast enough and really starts trying to chase. She has a lot of chase in her. Once she starts chasing I have a very hard time getting her stopped and things go downhill from there. We have been working some very tough sheep and so I have been letting her carry on a bit. A bit too much maybe.

Laura had us all up to the house for dinner and some Blue Grass music. Turns out her dad is quite a talented musician.

Mike and the water truck left shortly after noon to go fight a wild fire. Laura said he would probably be gone all night. The fire danger here is "extreme"; everything is as dry as tinder. I don't smell any smoke so they must have gotten to the fire in time.

It's finally cooling off now so we are all hidden away in our campers resting. Nothing like 12 hours of dog trialing in 100 degree weather to wear one out.


Correction to yesterday, Kay Stephens won the PN Dennis was second.

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BevLive: EID Classic, Day Two

Was a lovely day. Got up it was foggy and a bit smokey and cold enough for a turtleneck and a winter coat. It got warm but never really hot in the middle of the day and has now cooled back down to coat weather. Except for the ubiquitous mosquitos it's been great running weather.

We ran PN first. The PN course was a 200+ yard outrun up a hill and over a little swale to another hill. The dogs had to run at least half of it off either hand blind. The drives were not huge but made tricky by the sage brush and long grass. Meg ran 3rd and did a great job. Not stopping quite as readily as yesterday but figuring out the pen a bit so we finally managed to get the sheep in and the gate closed. She won the day and ended up winning the dog bed for overall as well. Her first win.

After the two youth runs we moved into the open. The sheep were more difficult then yesterday and I didn't handle as well, an unfortunate combination. My shedding was terrible so after Hemp managed to get a very cantankerous ewe around in good shape I blew the shed and pen. Nel ran much better than yesterday handling the outrun with aplomb. She handled two eager cheviots very nicely and had a good run except for my poor shed. Mirk had reasonable sheep but, you guessed it, I blew the shed. So no day money, but Mirk and Hemp managed to make the cut for the double lift in spite of my poor management.

George Stambulic and Kate won with a really nice go. Nancy Stephens was second. The top twelve combined went into the double lift: Scott Glen, Lee Lumb, Joann Zoerb and I with two each, Norm Sommer, Chris Jobe, George Stambulic and Wendy Schmatz with one I think.

Had a really great handler dinner tonight after which we did the prizes and the draw for tomorrow. I drew up 5th and 9th. I sure hope I'm over my shedding screw up by then. It's a cinch if anyone gets a Cheviot with a collar it's going to be very tricky. The outruns will be hard too with the ground being so hilly. Hemp managed it well last year and got first but I doubt he remembers how and I know I don't. Still I'm looking forward to trying to figure it out.

We'll start tomorrow  with today's left over nursery run followed by tomorrow's nursery first then the double lift. So I get two more chances to run Meg. I'm really looking forward to that as well.

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In the category of “cool” and “cute”

Michele Brothers has set up a wonderful CollieCam to monitor her recent litter over the Internet.  The web cam didn't load for me in Firefox, but it worked fine in Internet Explorer (I haven't been able to test it in Safari yet).  Check it out–these are cute pups, and mother Snap is very attentive!

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