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BevLive: EID Classic, Day Two

Was a lovely day. Got up it was foggy and a bit smokey and cold enough for a turtleneck and a winter coat. It got warm but never really hot in the middle of the day and has now cooled back down to coat weather. Except for the ubiquitous mosquitos it's been great running weather.

We ran PN first. The PN course was a 200+ yard outrun up a hill and over a little swale to another hill. The dogs had to run at least half of it off either hand blind. The drives were not huge but made tricky by the sage brush and long grass. Meg ran 3rd and did a great job. Not stopping quite as readily as yesterday but figuring out the pen a bit so we finally managed to get the sheep in and the gate closed. She won the day and ended up winning the dog bed for overall as well. Her first win.

After the two youth runs we moved into the open. The sheep were more difficult then yesterday and I didn't handle as well, an unfortunate combination. My shedding was terrible so after Hemp managed to get a very cantankerous ewe around in good shape I blew the shed and pen. Nel ran much better than yesterday handling the outrun with aplomb. She handled two eager cheviots very nicely and had a good run except for my poor shed. Mirk had reasonable sheep but, you guessed it, I blew the shed. So no day money, but Mirk and Hemp managed to make the cut for the double lift in spite of my poor management.

George Stambulic and Kate won with a really nice go. Nancy Stephens was second. The top twelve combined went into the double lift: Scott Glen, Lee Lumb, Joann Zoerb and I with two each, Norm Sommer, Chris Jobe, George Stambulic and Wendy Schmatz with one I think.

Had a really great handler dinner tonight after which we did the prizes and the draw for tomorrow. I drew up 5th and 9th. I sure hope I'm over my shedding screw up by then. It's a cinch if anyone gets a Cheviot with a collar it's going to be very tricky. The outruns will be hard too with the ground being so hilly. Hemp managed it well last year and got first but I doubt he remembers how and I know I don't. Still I'm looking forward to trying to figure it out.

We'll start tomorrow  with today's left over nursery run followed by tomorrow's nursery first then the double lift. So I get two more chances to run Meg. I'm really looking forward to that as well.

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In the category of “cool” and “cute”

Michele Brothers has set up a wonderful CollieCam to monitor her recent litter over the Internet.  The web cam didn't load for me in Firefox, but it worked fine in Internet Explorer (I haven't been able to test it in Safari yet).  Check it out–these are cute pups, and mother Snap is very attentive!

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new 2010 Finals T-Shirts!

Available to ship by December 15 (in time for Christmas) is a great new shirt design by Betsy Drummond:

The shirts are available in four new styles (men's and women's long and short sleeves) and lots of cool colors. Check 'em out!


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more about the posters

From Deb Mickey:

A few days ago Donald McCaig announced the 1999 Bell Grove Plantation National Finals poster/prints by noted western artist Kim Trickey were available for purchase. 

You can now order your 1999 National Sheepdog Finals poster by sending an email to   Please include your full name and house address, including zip code, your phone number, and the number of posters you'd like.

Once we receive your email you will receive an email from PayPal on behalf of National Sheepdog Finals Committee, Inc. with instructions how to submit your payment.  When we received your payment, the poster will be shipped.

Attention all Canadians – please use this method to order your posters.

 US residents – $25, includes shipping

Canadian residents - $30, includes shipping

Get 'em now!

Thanks for your support of the 2010 National Sheepdog Finals!


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1999 National Finals posters available

This just in from Donald McCaig:

Dear Sheepdoggers,
For 8 days in September 1999, at Belle Grove Plantation, you could purchase one of three hundred 22×28 original, numbered National Finals poster/prints by noted western artist Kim Trickey.

The unsold posters vanished after the trial and when rare print dealers phoned me asking to buy the leftovers I told them I didn't know where they were.

Ten years later, the prints have turned up – in mint condition.

The 2010 National Finals committee has decided to let sheepdog people have first crack at them before we offer them to rare print collectors. And we're selling them cheap. $25 each, postpaid, until they're gone or  December Fifth when we'll put them up on EBay.

All proceeds will benefit the 2010 Finals.

Send your $25 check to Deb Mickey, 126 Sheaffer Rd, Carlisle Pa 17013 and she'll send you your poster, in a mailing tube by media mail.


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Amanda: Meeker photos

Some pictures:

Meeker, Day One

Meeker, Day Two

Meeker, Day Three

Meeker, the Finals

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featured blog: Shoofly Farm

From time to time, I'd like to be able to call everyone's attention to some of the many private blogs that are out there in the webiverse. (When I started blogging about my first trial dog Phyl seven years ago, blogs were new and cool–I was the lone voice in the working BC world for quite some time.  Now there are lots of blogs, many of which are far better than my PhylBlog ever was.)  One blog that I particularly enjoy is Robin French's stories about the trials and tribulations of Shoofly Farm.  Robin writes in a very clear, detailed, and interesting way about training her dogs and competing with them in trials; she tends to be very honest, and I always learn a lot.  Check it out for yourself!

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help a rescue dog

Amelia Smith is offering to donate half of the subscription price of The Real Time Canine for the next six month to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue.  If you've been thinking about subscribing, now's the time!

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The Real Time Canine

"The Real Time Canine" is Amelia Smith's new weekly blog featuring the trials and tribulations of raising her new pup, Kensmuir Star.  "The Real Time Canine" is available for a nominal subscription fee and appears to be a very interesting read.  Check it out for yourself here!

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It’s beginning to feel a little like Christmas . . .

What to get the trialing enthusiast who has everything?  Check out this neat trailer hitch guide and animated hitch covers from A. J. Prindle.  I particularly like the dog!

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